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A crypto community with strategies for growth to weather all storms. We are creating a community beer to celebrate our rise to the top.

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All Our Vikings Are On Telegram. Would You Like To Meet Our Friendly Community?

Join the SpaceVikings Telegram to be a part of creating the world's first crypto beer. We talk about everything from beer flavours to sharing and discussing plans for how we can disrupt this $500 billion dollar industry. Introduce yourself and get cosy. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Space Vikings Horn

Crypto beer with a community decided flavour

We here at SpaceVikings love beer and getting to make one with all of our community involved is such a pleasure. We already have a few good breweries in mind, and some whom we already worked with in the past.

You can very soon vote on which flavour you think our beer should be.

Our Litepaper

The Litepaper gives you the necessary information about the project and purposes.

Space Vikings Shield

Community-driven by vikings around the world!

Join our community below to get the newest information and be the first to know when we make announcements. Most importantly, join us to help make important decisions regarding future projects.


Here at SpaceVikings we do Weekly Jackpots! With our Tokenomics, 1% of every trade gets added to a Jackpot Wallet. Once every 7 Days this wallet is emptied to 50 of our random holders*!

Do you want to have a chance at winning up to $200?

Then get your SpaceVikings $SVT today at PancakeSwap

*Only holders with more than $50 worth of $SVT are eligible as everyone still has an equal chance of winning.


As everything else regarding this project, the community has helped out with the Jackpot. They decided the following:

  • 50 winners instead of 10.
  • Maximum $10.000 per Jackpot.

In the beginning they also wanted us to spend it on advertisement, funding and even once decided it was to be Burned instead. And so we did 🔥


As true Vikings we like to go on Raids.

A concept originally created by our Raid Chieftain Robert Norse. Our first raid was SafeMoon, where we took over Telegram with all our Vikings shouting “We’re the SpaceVikings and we’re taking this token!”

Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the SpaceVikings made purchases of $SFM and burned over 300 million Safemoon tokens.

Even though we didn’t do that much to their chart, the whole village knew that the SpaceVikings had been there.

Articles about the Raid can be found on our Medium where you can also read about our 2nd Raid!


The Space Vikings Finance Tokenomics breakdown:






Space vikings logo 5,800+ VIKINGS

Space Vikings Proceeds

Our Roadmap

The following roadmap shows what we want to achieve and when we aim to achieve it. This is our current plan for 2021. Please keep in mind that our roadmap is subject to change and is ever evolving as we refine our vision, but all changes go through our community first. The sole aim of the SpaceViking team is to improve and develop the project for the betterment of our community.

We are a strong team, and we seek to achieve our vision of creating the biggest token in Scandinavia, which has multiple uses in the real world.

  • Quarter 1

    + Launch of our Socials and demo website.

    + History behind the project.

    + Introducing the team members.

    + Explaining the functionality behind SpaceVikings.

  • Quarter 2

    + Giveaways for early members.

    + Presale at DxSale and PancakeSwap Launch.

    + The making of our marketing strategy – including influence from crypto enthusiasts.

    + Website improvements

    + Litepaper and Roadmap release.

    + Jackpot/Lottery Launch.

    + Listed on Coingecko.

  • Quarter 3

    + Implementing the second wave of marketing strategy.

    + Launching on coinmarketcap.

    + Listing on ZBG.

    + New improved website

    + Community votes

  • Quarter 4

    + Start our Beer development

    + Second stage of coinuse partnerships.

    + Full whitepaper release.

    + Audit release.

    + More exchange listings.

    + Team building and hiring of developers, marketing experts etc.

    + OdinSwap

Meet The Team


The SVT Crypto Team combines a passion for esports, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

William Ibsen

William Ibsen

Chief Executive Officer
Jakob Storm

Jakob Storm

Chief Technical Officer
Jakub Sobczak

Jakub Sobczak

Chief Marketing Officer
Sebastian Egholm

Sebastian Egholm

Social Media Strategist
Anton Staunstrup

Anton Staunstrup

Chief Product Officer

External Collaborators

Space Vikings Team

Space Vikings Community

The Background Engine
Robert Norse

Robert Norse

Raid Chieftain
Mick Van Der Voort

Mick Van Der Voort

Web Designer
Alexander Danicic

Alexander Danicic

Front-End Web Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy SpaceVikings $SVT?

For now SpaceVikings $SVT is available on PancakeSwap and ZBG. This means that the process can be quite complicated for some unfortunately. First step is that you need a wallet.

For a step by step guide to set up TrustWallet or MetaMask and connect to PancakeSwap Click here.

First, you must have a wallet set up. Trust or Metamask work fine and are two of the common choices.

You now have to buy some BNB via Binance and send them to your TrustWallet/MetaMask wallet.

Many of these steps are also shown in our video guide Here, which also shows you the last steps for getting your very own $SVT.

Just go to PancakeSwap → Trade → Exchange.

Now you have to connect your wallet and set slippage to at least 12%.

Now select $BNB to $SVT using the contract address below.


NOTE. You can have the same wallet on both TrustWallet and MetaMask, just import your secret seed/recovery phrase or use your private key.

What is SpaceVikings?

SpaceVikings is the first ever Danish DeFi project.

SpaceVikings aims to bring Denmark to the world of Crypto and show how it can bring people together. We aim to create real use cases for our project - in a form of payment. Some of our main goals are to launch our own line of beers, where the flavour is decided by our community. We also aim to have NFT integrated in our Special, limited edition beers. Lastly we strive to create partnerships with sport betting sites or possibly even launch our own site.

These are just some of the things we are currently working on, but who knows what the future will bring. The opportunities within the world of crypto are endless - we aim to make the best out of them!

Who are the SpaceVikings?

SpaceViking’s was started by 5 original Vikings, but now includes thousands of Vikings all over the world. Each with one specific purpose, to get to Valhalla together. The 5 original Vikings who can all be found Here

When will the Whitepaper be released?

The Whitepaper is being worked on - we aim to have it ready in the first month of Q3

What is the Jackpot?

We do WEEKLY Jackpot draws.

We firmly believe our community is what makes us strong and keeps us united. So to give back to our community we use our tokenomics. 1% of every trade is added to our Jackpot Wallet. Once every week the wallet is emptied to 50 of our holders.

Do you want to have a chance at winning up to $200?

Then get your SpaceVikings $SVT today at PancakeSwap!

*Only holders with more than $50 worth of $SVT are eligible as everyone still has an equal chance of winning.

What does it mean: "We RAID, We Burn"?

Burning means essentially deleting the coins.

Those coins are taken away from the supply, so the supply of the community we Raid is now smaller which means all the rest of tokens are now worth more

What is the Whale Dev Chat?

This is a chat where developers and the whales have congregated together to come up with answers to big decisions to be made regarding marketing, raids, jackpot, website configuration, and any other major concerns the developers want to deal with.

This includes things such as YouTube influencers, listing arrangements such as with ZBG, and other ideas some may have had that not all of us are aware of.

This is also where the concept of "the Raid" came in.

What is the Raid Chat?

This chat was developed to organize a group based on the "Raid" that was developed by Robert Norse.

This is where future plans for what coins and this is also where everyone gathers together on the Raids just before they launch.

What is the Shilling Team?

This is our Telegram Group that was put together to include all those that come through the main chat that are interested in being part of an organized shilling team.

This way it isolates links, Twitter posts, Reddit, Youtube, and any other sources where shilling might be accomplished.

That way all available and willing shillers have a space to go to be as efficient as possible without having to find content to share etc.

Our Partners

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